Rutland Lodge Medical Practice

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Non-NHS services

The only services that are free of charge are NHS services for which the GP is paid by the NHS.

Other services are available, but are charged, depending on the length of time it takes to provide the service, either by the GP or their staff. The practice charges a fee for providing non-NHS services such as carrying out insurance and other medical examinations, providing information to solicitors, legal advisors or for completing government forms, holiday cancellation letters etc.

A fee is also payable for referral to private hospitals, for private prescriptions and some travel vaccinations.

There are certain documents such as shotgun licences and passport forms and naturalisation forms that the doctors do not sign.

All requests for doctors to complete forms MUST be handed into the reception desk so that their receipt can be recorded in your notes.

An up-to-date list of charges can be seen at the reception desk.