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Baby immunisation clinics

Immunisations are vitally important as they protect your baby from diseases that can cause long-term health damage if caught when not immunised. Catching measles when not immunised can result in deafness, while catching childhood diseases such as mumps as an adult can make you very ill, and can cause problems such as sterility in males. By appointment at:

We are unable to weigh babies at these clinics, so you will need to attend a health visitor clinic.

Your baby’s six week check is carried out by a doctor; subsequent immunisations are done by the practice nurses. If you are unable to attend this clinic please book a nurses’ appointment.

Blood pressure check

In order to minimise your waiting time, please use the self–checking blood pressure machines provided in each waiting room. Follow the instructions on the wall – it is a very simple process. Take the print-out of your BP to the reception desk, making sure that you have written your name on the top of the form.
If your print-out indicates that you need further attention, you will be contacted and an appointment made for you. If you are unsure, ask one of the receptionists to assist you.

Cervical screening

We advise most women aged 25-50 to have a cervical screen every three years, and those aged 51-64 every five years. You will be invited by letter to book an appointment at the surgery (evening appointments available).

Contraception or advice on sexual health

If you are male or female, you may telephone the surgery and arrange for a call back on a Thursday evening between 5.00 – 6.45pm. The nurses will be happy to help with any questions or queries you may have – provide female contraceptives of all kinds, such as ‘the pill’ . Long-acting contraception injections, intra-uterine coils and contraceptive implants are available by appointment. If you require advice on sterilisation (male or female) please make an appointment to see a doctor or nurse practitioner.

We do not do smears in this clinic without an appointment.

Chronic disease management

Patients with chronic health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, chest or heart disease are reviewed annually in the health monitoring clinic managed by specially trained nurses. You will be reminded when your appointment is due, and told if you require a blood test first. You generally do not need to wait for a GP appointment – ask at the reception desk for a health monitoring appointment at least one week after your blood test appointment to give us time to receive your results. If you are attending a health monitoring clinic you do not need to ring for your results as they will be discussed in the clinic.

Medication review & blood tests

Your medication review is due on the month of your birthday

A month before your birthday we will text or call you to make an appointment for bloods to be taken.

If you ONLY have Asthma or COPD you DO NOT NEED BLOODS

If you continuously fail to book or do not attend your review then at the end of your birth month we will have no choice but to reduce your medication amount to two weeks supply.

Please be aware this is for your safety as we have a duty of care to make sure reviews are attended for your safety and wellbeing

Minor surgery

Minor surgery sessions are held by appointment at Rutland Lodge. If your doctor or nurse practitioner has suggested minor surgery, you will be placed on a waiting list and contacted with an appointment by the practice.


Your pregnancy can be quickly confirmed with a urine test obtainable over the counter at the pharmacy.

If you obtain a positive pregnancy test, make an appointment to see our midwife for a booking appointment and bring a urine sample with you.

Please remember to start taking folic acid before trying for a family – this helps prevent spinal cord problems. This vitamin is available cheaply over the counter – 400mcg is the recommended supplement daily.

Travelling abroad

If you plan to travel abroad please call your nearest travel clinic. Some travel injections can only be given through a dedicated travel clinic. We do not offer a full travel clinic and are unable to offer certain injections or malaria tablets. Also please be aware that not all travel injections are free and a fee must be paid for individual injections.