Rutland Lodge Medical Practice

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Violent or abusive behaviour

We operate zero tolerance for rude, aggressive and abusive behaviour in the surgery premises. Patients who persist in behaving in a way which upsets staff or other patients will be asked to leave the practice.

We have practice procedures for dealing with urgent cases and give preference to extremely ill patients, the very elderly and small children. Please do not shout at our receptionists who always aim to do their best for all patients. The receptionists will be as helpful as possible, but can only offer you the services available at that time.

Patients who are requested to leave the practice will be notified in writing and will be given two weeks to re-register with another practice. We will continue to offer treatment during those two weeks. If the misdemeanour has been sufficiently violent such that we were obliged to report the incident to the police, patients will be un-registered within 24 hours of the event and will have no further access to the practice. The patient will need to contact the registration department at NHS Customer Contact Centre to obtain the name of a doctor who will accept them.