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Access to medical records

The practice is registered and complies with the Data Protection Act 2018. Any request for access to notes by a patient, patient’s representative or outside body will be dealt with in accordance with the Act. Please contact the Practice Manager for further information.

Your Data Matters to the NHS

Your health records contain a type of data called confidential patient information. This data can be used to help with research and planning.

You can choose to stop your confidential patient information being used for research and planning. You can also make a choice for someone else like your children under the age of 13.

Your choice will only apply to the health and care system in England. This does not apply to health or care services accessed in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Find out how this data is used and how to opt out on the following link:

Data protection

Obtaining access to your own records

We comply with the Data Protection Act and the Access to Medical Records Act. This means that we treat all your medical information, both on the computer and on paper, with the utmost care. We may from time to time share your information with other health professionals eg hospital consultants, health visitors, midwife or community nurses where appropriate, but we will not disclose any information about you to any other third party without your consent.

The Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group will from time to time Audit the practice records for treatment coding etc, but patient personal data is not identified.

Patients are permitted to have access to their own medical records, but there will be a fee payable between £10 – £50 depending on the depth of detail you require. You will need to place a written request to the practice manager. We accept payment by cash or cheque.

Obtaining access to someone else’s records

We realise that carers and relatives may on occasion need access to another person’s medical records. However, we are not permitted to release them without written permission from the patient themselves or from their legal executor. You can obtain a ‘release of information letter’ from the practice for the patient to sign, and then apply in writing with the permission to the practice manager. A fee is payable between £10 – £50 depending on the level of detail required. We accept payment by cash or cheque.

Sharing your information

How can my information be viewed outside of Rutland Lodge Medical Practice?

Your health information can be shared both locally and nationally at differing levels of detail. You can opt in and out of these sharing agreements whenever you choose. Details of these schemes are as follows:

For direct care locally in Leeds

Leeds Care Record
Patients in Leeds are able to benefit from the sharing of information via the Leeds Care Record. This shares contact details, diagnosis list, medications, allergies, test results, referrals & letters and care plans between health professionals in Leeds. Information is shared by GP practices, the Hospital Trusts, Community and Mental Health services, and Social Care.

You have the right to object to your Leeds Care Record being shared by contacting them directly. Details are available via their website.

Download a leaflet on Leeds Care Record (PDF, 390KB)

This is also available in an Easy Read version (PDF, 814KB)

More information about health and care records can be found on the NHS website here: NHS UK

Nationally for direct care

Summary Care Record – sharing your information for your care across the NHS.
Your core Summary Care Record is created when you register at a GP practice (although you should be given the option to opt in/out during your registration). If you do not express a preference, it is currently assumed that your consent is implied.

The Summary Care Record shares only your contact details, medications and allergies with other healthcare professionals involved in your care.

You can also choose to share a Summary Care Record with Additional Information. This shares contact details, medications, allergies, diagnosis list, care plans, end of life care and immunisations with other healthcare professionals. Sensitive data is excluded. A Summary Care Record with Additional Information will only be created for you if you explicitly choose this option. Only the most up to date information is shared for each category.

Choosing to share a summary care record with additional information is thought to be of great benefit if you are admitted to hospital locally or elsewhere in the UK.

You can opt out of sharing any of your information in a Summary Care Record. If you decide not to share this will not affect your entitlement to care. However, it could result in the delivery of your care being less efficient as other health professionals will not have access to these parts of your medical history.

Further details are available in this leaflet (PDF, 417KB)

This is also available in an Easy Read version (PDF, 349KB)

You can change your mind about your Summary Care Record at any time.

To register or change your Summary Care Record preferences, please complete this form and return it to us.

Summary Care Record Consent (PDF, 552KB)


The national data-out. For purposes beyond direct care.

NHS Digital is developing a new system to support the national data opt-out which will give patients more control over how identifiable health and care information is used for reasons other than your individual care and treatment. The system will offer patients and the public the opportunity to make an informed choice about whether they wish their personally identifiable data to be used for purposes beyond their direct care such as research and planning purposes.

In the past, you may have already chosen to prevent your identifiable data leaving NHS Digital, known as a Type 2 opt-out. All existing Type 2 opt-outs will be converted to the new national data opt-out and this will be confirmed by a letter to all individuals aged 13 or over with an existing Type 2 in place. Once the national data opt-out is launched, it will no longer be possible to change preferences via local GP practices.

The national data opt-out is due to be launched on 25 May 2018.

More information is available via

More information about health and care records in general can be found on the NHS website here: NHS UK

If you have any queries or concerns about how your information is handled, please do not hesitate to contact Paula Dearing, Practice Manager for further information