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Practice Charter

Patients’ Rights And Practice Responsibilities

• To be greeted in a friendly manner and to be treated with courtesy by everyone working at
the practice.
• To receive a clear explanation of and advice on your medical condition and proposed
• To receive a referral for specialist medical opinion at a hospital of your choice when
• We will aim to meet all your requests within the time-frame required, but as soon as possible
in every other event, especially when we are dealing with outside agencies on your behalf
where we have no control over timing.
• To expect us to store your medical paper records in a secure place, and to ensure that no
outside parties have access to your computer records without your knowledge or permission.
• To expect that your medical affairs will be kept confidential by all the staff and you can be
certain that there will be no breach of confidentiality at any level of your care.
• The doctors and nurses aim to see patients within 15 minutes of their appointment time but this
may not always be possible. Where there is an unavoidable delay, we will try to keep you
informed of the reason and the likely delay time.
• The staff will make every endeavour to follow up your requests for information from third parties
(such as the hospitals) but can only relay back to you the information that third parties are
prepared to release.
• You have a right to complain to the practice manager who will inform you of receipt of your
complaint within three working days, and who will then investigate your complaint and respond
to you in writing.

Patients’ Responsibilities

• Patients have a responsibility to look after their own health by keeping their weight under control,
taking regular exercise, keeping alcohol intake under the maximum recommended units per week
and by not smoking.
• We expect patients to offer practice staff the same level of courtesy and consideration as we
extend to you.
• We request that you arrive on time for appointments or notify us if you are likely to be late or
have to cancel. If you arrive more than 20 minutes late for your appointment it may be forfeited
and have to be re-booked.
• We request that you be patient and understanding if another patient requires some extra
• We request that you take responsibility for managing your own repeat prescriptions, ordering
them in good time.
• We request that you do not use mobile phones within the practice building; please switch off
your phone or take calls outside.
• We request that you keep your children under control in the waiting room, to avoid causing
disturbance to other patients.
• We request that if you feel you may need a little longer time – more complex problems or
multiple problems - that you ask for a double appointment or prioritise and book additional

Comments & Complaints

The practice aspires to provide a good service to patients at all times. However, should you find that you need to complain or make a suggestion to improve the service, the practice follows the local guidelines.
You may ask to speak to the practice manager, Emma Walters, on the phone or you may write to her at the Rutland Lodge address.
Every letter will be acknowledged within three working days, and your complaint followed up and the results relayed to you as quickly as possible.
Should you be unhappy with the response from the practice you may complain to the Local CCG (see Useful Telephone Numbers).

Data Protection

Obtaining Access To Your Own Records
We comply with the Data Protection Act and the Access to Medical Records Act. This means that we treat all your medical information, both on the computer and on paper, with the utmost care. We may from time to time share your information with other health professionals eg hospital consultants, health visitors, midwife or community nurses where appropriate, but we will not disclose any information about you to any other third party without your consent.
The Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group will from time to time audit the practice records for treatment coding etc, but patient personal data is not identified.
Patients are permitted to have access to their own medical records, but there will be a fee payable between £10 - £50 depending on the depth of detail you require. You will need to place a written request to the practice manager. We accept payment by cash or cheque.

Obtaining Access To Someone Else’s Records
We realise that carers and relatives may on occasion need access to another person’s medical records. However, we are not permitted to release them without written permission from the patient themselves or from their legal executor. You can obtain a ‘release of information letter’ from the practice for the patient to sign, and then apply in writing with the permission to the practice manager. A fee is payable between £10 - £50 depending on the level of detail required. We accept payment by cash or cheque.

Freedom Of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 obliges the practice to produce a Publication Scheme. A Publication Scheme is a guide to the ‘classes’ of information the practice intends to routinely make available.
This scheme is available from reception.

Zero Tolerance

We operate zero tolerance for rude, aggressive and abusive behaviour in the surgery premises. Patients who persist in behaving in a way which upsets staff or other patients will be asked to leave the practice.
We have practice procedures for dealing with urgent cases and give preference to extremely ill patients, the very elderly and small children. Please do not shout at our receptionists who always aim to do their best for all patients. The receptionists will be as helpful as possible, but can only offer you the services available at that time.
Patients who are requested to leave the practice will be notified in writing and will be given two weeks to re-register with another practice. We will continue to offer treatment during those two weeks. If the misdemeanour has been sufficiently violent such that we were obliged to report the incident to the police, patients will be un-registered within 24 hours of the event and will have no further access to the practice. The patient will need to contact the registration department at WYCSA (see below) to obtain the name of a doctor who will accept them.


The practice is sometimes asked to take part in national research into diseases and their treatment. You may be asked if you wish to be included in the research, and you will be asked to complete a consent form. Your right to refuse to be involved will be fully respected.

The Summary Care Record and The NHS ‘Spine’

Medical records are held on the practice computers. These are linked in turn to the NHS central computers known as ‘The Spine’. These central computers collect basic information about patients’ medical conditions from the records held in the GP surgeries. The purpose of this is so that if you are out of your usual area, such as on holiday, a GP or hospital may (with your permission) access your basic medical records. They cannot be accessed without your permission.
This is an ‘opt out’ system – so everyone’s records will be included automatically. If you do not wish your records to be placed on the ‘Spine’ please ask for a form to fill in which can be obtained from the reception desk.

Patient Advice And Liaison Service (PALS) – 0800 052 5270

PALS is designed to support patients, relatives, carers and friends to find their way around NHS information about services.
PALS can help to resolve problems or complaints about hospital or general practice services and will feedback your concerns to the appropriate authority.
They can give you information on agencies and support groups outside the NHS.
Local PALS’ offices can be found at:
Leeds Mental Health Trust, Alma Street, Leeds LS9 7BE
Leeds Community Health Care NHS Trust, Stockdale House, Victoria Road, Leeds LS6 1PF

West Yorkshire Central Services Agency (WYCSA) 0113 295 5200

WYCSA manages the registration of patients with practices throughout Leeds. If you register with a new practice, WYCSA will obtain your records from the previous holder and pass them on to your new practice. Contact them if you need to obtain a new medical card.

Patients’ Advisory Panel

The practice has a patients’ advisory panel who meet on a regular basis to discuss the patients’ perspective on changes and developments which the practice wish to implement. We also carry out patient surveys from time to time.
We would love to have a wide range of opinions on our panel from people from every age group, ethnic background and from both surgeries.
If you would like to join the group please ask at the reception desk for a patients’ advisory panel application form, and the practice manager will contact you.


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